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About Us

The Tennessee Association of Christian Schools (TACS) is a Christian school organization that exists to serve the Christian schools in Tennessee who align with the association’s mission statement and subscribe to the statement of faith. 

The parameters set by these guidelines encompass the heart and soul of TACS, and they serve to direct the association’s many services and support helps. We focus on school improvement through services such as accreditation, certification, educational publications, teacher conventions and conferences, administrative seminars, student activities, and legislative protection, all of which are fashioned to directly or indirectly improve student performance. These and other services provide member schools with a variety of teacher and student helps that assist schools in achieving their academic and spiritual goals. 

No association is better recognized and more respected by the Tennessee legislature and state department of education than TACS. Our association provided the leadership in 1976 to pass TCA 49-50-801, a bill that prohibits the state from imposing curriculum standards and teaching requirements for Christian schools. We worked with the state department of education in 1986 in drafting the guidelines that allow Christian school organizations in Tennessee to serve as a Category II agency. 

We have achieved these and other milestones without compromising the association’s Biblical distinctives. The efforts and support of a competent office staff, an elected executive committee, and the pastors and principals of our member schools have catapulted our association to the forefront of Christian education. It is because of this team effort that we are, and have been for years, recognized as one of, if not the top state Christian school association in America. 

If you can embrace our statement of faith and subscribe to our mission statement, we invite you to seriously and prayerfully consider making application for membership. Call our office today; we stand ready to assist you in any way possible. 

Randy Scallions, Executive Director