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The Tennessee Association of Christian Schools (TACS) was formed to provide an organization whereby Christian schools in Tennessee could obtain Christian guidance and educational services which would enhance the academic and spiritual credibility of member schools. A further purpose was to provide an opportunity for Christian schools, who subscribe to TACS's Statement of Faith, to maintain high standards of spiritual and academic excellence. 

Since the primary purpose of a Christian school is academic excellence and conforming young lives to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, TACS was organized accordingly and is committed to complementing the educational and spiritual goals ordained by each school through professional services. 

* To establish educational integrity and excellence. 
* To establish guidelines and services which are truly Biblical and creationist in philosophy and methodology. 
* To maintain and improve the quality of Christian schools through professional services and programs. 
* To provide counsel and onsite assistance in establishing and developing Christian schools. 
* To promote the development of guidelines for all courses, curriculum, and other educational programs from a Biblical framework and perspective. 
* To promote high standards of behavior consistent with the moral and spiritual standards of Biblical Christianity as set forth in the Scripture. 
* To provide quality curriculum materials. 
* To provide staff development and school improvement opportunities. 
* To promote and assist schools in maintaining financial integrity. 
* To preserve the freedom of Christian schools to exist as an alternative to public and private schools. 
* To monitor state legislation. 
* To establish and maintain a nonintrusive relationship with the State Department of Education.