The purpose of the Tennessee Athletic Association of Christian Schools (TAACS) is to teach Christian ethics and build Christian character through Christ-centered athletic competition. It is also designed to regulate such interscholastic relationships through and by a governing body composed of its own member schools.

Any Christian school which is a member in good standing may become a member by:

1. Subscribing to the rules and regulations.
2. Paying the annual dues per team per sport.

  • Girls: Volleyball (fall), basketball (winter), and softball (spring)
  • Boys: Golf (fall), basketball (winter), soccer (spring), and baseball (spring)

Note: TAACS sanctions junior high and varsity sports.

Regional Divisions:
The two regions include:
West: Memphis and Nashville areas
East: Chattanooga and Knoxville/Tri-Cities areas. 

For athletic related questions contact:
Randy Scallions @