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Membership in TACS is based upon established guidelines promulgated by the TACS Executive Committee (officers and area representatives). Prospective schools applying for membership must meet the following criteria: 

1. Complete a membership application which includes: 
a. Name and address of school. 
b. Name, address, and telephone numbers of pastor and principal's. 
c. The grades taught and the enrollment in each grade. 
d. Additional information as contained on the membership application. 

2. Sign the Statement of Faith. 
Request a letter of recommendation from a TACS pastor or principal who is knowledgeable of the applicant's school program and school facilities. An onsite visit by the Executive Director or an appointed agent is required if a letter of recommendation cannot be attained by the applicant school. If a letter of recommendation is not submitted on behalf of an applying school, a visit to the applicant's school is a prerequisite to membership. 

3. Submit the appropriate membership fee with the membership application. 

4.Meet the following educational guidelines. 
* The length of the school year must include 180 days of school, not including pre-and post-in-service training days, professional days and days missed for inclement weather.
* Length of the school day should equal or exceed 6.5 hours per day for 180 days per school year. 
* High school classes should meet a minimum of 50 minutes per class period. 
* The number of high school credits applicable toward a high school diploma must equal or exceed 26 credits of course work in grades 9-12. 
* Schools must adopt and promulgate state and federal health, safety, and sanitation standards. 
* Schools must test all students each school year with a standardized achievement test, preferably Iowa Assessments. 
* Students must be 5 years of age by August 15 to enter kindergarten. 
* Each application for membership will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Director in accordance with the membership guidelines established by TACS. For additional information regarding TACS membership contact the TACS office.